Look Below at our Catalog of Sermons.

They are in the mp3 format for your enjoyment:

Alice Weakley - Faith in Action

Pratap Gopala Rao - Butterflies aren't free

Marian Parson - The Just Shall Live By Faith

Steven Bell - A People With A Name

Jon Gardner - The Passage 

Fred Bishoff - For This Was I Born

Glenn Hill - Hitting the Wall

Paul Korac - Life's Greatest Purpose

John Lewis - The Tale of the Mislead Mariners

Glenn Hill - From Fear to Faith

Pratap Gopala Rao - The Lies We Believe About God

Steven Bell - Respect and Reflect

Nathan Krause - "Stand and Fight!

Ron Aguilera - "People Matter to God"

Michael Henry - "Peace Keeper vs Peace Maker"

Mike Weakley - Hold On To Your Freedom

Theresa Rollins - Testimony (Awesome)

Mike Weakley - "Last Message to the World"

Mike Weakley - "A Symbol of His Power"

Jacob Oyier - "Dinner with as sinner"

Mike Weakley - "A Place of Death and Ressurection"

Ron and Teresa Clark - Testimony (Awesome)

Steven Bell - "Things to never do"

Steven Bell - "The Daily Sacrifice"

Mike Weakley - "The Two Mysteries"

Jerry Simulus - "Isolate and Insulate"

Paul Korac - "How to Get Closer to God"